Daily Dump: Hank Williams Jr. Singing MNF Theme In Spanish, Usain Bolt Dance Moves, Olympics Chick Or Dude Game, Top 25 MMA Knockouts And Kate Beckinsale On A Beach



A reason to pick up Hungarian FHM – this chick and her friend.

A gold medal sweep in women’s volleyball? It could happen for the United States.
Of course May & Walsh got the beach volleyball title late last night and then the indoor team defeated the legendary Cubans.
The Rays blew their chance to sweep the Angels and the Red Sox failed to pick up any ground.
And you guys could care less. We know. Football better get here before this crew goes crazy.  
Today’s Dump:  
Hank Williams Jr. & MNF going Spanish, white America going to have fit [Machochip]
Usain Bolt dance moves that might catch on in the United States [MacGsWorld]
A fun Olympics game: Chick or Dude [Liquid Generation]
Hide the cheerleaders from this high school football sex offender [The Sports Point]
Gene Upshaw has passed, Raider Nation in mourning [Examiner]
USC WR likes going shirtless around other dudes [Blog of Hilarity]
The pre-fight dancing was nice, defense skills really lacking [Meaningful Collateral]
In honor of the above idiot….The Top 25 MMA knockouts [Angry T]
Is there really a need for a Hasselhoff social network? [Brahsome]
Now you can get bombed and play beer pong on your Wii [Boosh Magazine]
That clapping you hear is for this mom and her shot glass trick [Tasty Booze]
This mouse has little chance vs. this angry cat [Holy Taco] 
Today’s Tail: 
Colorado State University cheerleader has something to show (minor-NSFW) [Don Chavez]
In case you missed this month’s hot chick in Esquire [Celebridiot]
The only thing big on Amanda are the twins [Gorilla Mask]
Kate Beckinsale went to a beach, wore a nice bikini [on205th]
If you are Australian it’s likely you know this model [CelebSlam]
You can’t coach Playboy Miss September [Uncoached]
This gallery should keep you busy at your suck ass job [Coed]
If you liked that gallery, you’ll waste even more time with this [Bright Black Internet]
Mom really wouldn’t approve of this chick [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

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Cuff 'Em: Fat Toad Hideki Irabu Gets Really Drunk, Ty Lawson Gets Off Charges & A Baseball Bat Bash
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