Boston Has Heidi, Chicago Counters W/ Jillian Jesk

The four faces of Chicago’s Jillian Jesk

While Heidi Watney Mania is sweeping the Eastern seaboard, our researchers are canvassing the country looking for the next great thing in female sports reporters.

And it appears Jillian Jesk of can be added to the cute, “I’d take you to meet mom,” “Let’s talk sports and drink beer with dad,” television personality list.

That list now includes Watney, Erin Andrews, Samantha Steele and Jesk.

You might remember MouthPiece as the site who’s reporter had water dumped on her outside Wrigley.

Jillian even eats meat. Can this dream get any better?

Jesk, who handles the Chicago beat for MouthPiece, doesn’t have much of an Internet profile but does provide us with this historical background into her life.

A Hawkeye Alum and Chicago south sider, I am the Talent and Associate Producer for MOUTHPIECESPORTS.COM. You may recognize me from DITV Sports in Iowa City, Mediacom in Cedar Rapids or SRN here in Chicago. I’ve gone behind the scenes with the Chicago Cubs, Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears and even the 2007 World Series.

Growing up, I played every sport imaginable and give my dad full credit for turning me onto sports. Then again, living in an apartment with 4 dudes didn’t exactly hurt my sports career, either.

This…is….exactly the woman of our dreams, minus the Iowa alum thing and Chicago fan.

She wouldn’t complain about Sunday football marathons and watching the World Series would be fun and hot at the same time.

Our editors are currently efforting to get a marriage status update on Jillian. Stand-by.

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