BC Intern Spends Day Listening To Howie Long Rap

A media giant: Howie Long pimps new Sprint Mobile Live

Like any good media outlet looking to cut wages and add more profit to our bottom line, we went out and got ourselves an intern.

And we found a non-paid, experience seeking, underage Purdue student to fill the role. Kevin contacted us a couple days ago begging to help. Smart move on his part. It just happened that we were invited to yesterday’s Sprint Webinar with Howie Long for Sprint Mobile Live.

Since we have better things to do than listen to Howie, the interns first assignment was to suffer through this PR opp.

Two things we learned from this Webinar: 1.) Howie can make women feel welcome into the world of phones and NFL. 2.) The guy working with Howie on this event has great hair. Love it.

Kevin’s report after the jump…

What the hell is up with that hair? It looks like an Amish guy running the show

As my fellow classmates get to enjoy the new freshmen moving in on campus, I had the experience of a lifetime, the experience of NFL Spring LAG. I was able to watch a “Webinar” with Howie Long and JP Brocket. The point of this “Webinar”was to give Howie Long’s views on the upcoming season and for JP to introduce NFL Spring Lag.The reason why I referred to it as NFL Spring Lag was because I was only able to view about 20 minutes out of the 55 minute “Webinar.” So here is what I picked up on Howie’s views on the upcoming season:

1) New England and San Diego are the biggest threats with such good teams.

2) Jacksonville will be an exceptional team.

3) Any team with Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy will be good.

4) Giants lost Michael Strahan, which was big to the team because he was their inspiration due to the fact he was a team veteran.

5) Nothing else because of the buffering that kept happening.

75% of the “Webinar” was all about the NFL Mobile features. Personally, I didn’t care. I would rather hear Howie speaking about the season rather than JP talking about key features. So pretty much he was going “blah blah blah, no one really wants to listen to this.”

While my classmates were drinking and hanging with the new freshmen I got to hear Howie say a somewhat sexist comment. He said that a lot more women are interested in the NFL now so the new easy to use NFL mobile would be good for them since its so simple. I couldn’t hold myself from laughing about that.

There was a question time at the end for the people that let the listeners ask either Howie or JP a question, but with my luck I didn’t get to hear any of it or ask anything because all I saw was a black screen saying “connection to media.”

I did hear one question about the Raiders, but frankly no one cares about the Raiders. Howie agrees with me.

“The Raiders will be set back a few years because of this years draft choices,” the Fox analyst said.

I had a really good question about how the Eagles would face up against the Cowboys. It was probably answered.

I guess overall the NFL Mobile Live thing was pretty cool, but I think the day could have been more interesting boozing it up.