The Scariest Olympic Flamers Of The 2008 Games


On your feet, bitches! This is Olympic handball. Let’s party! [Credit]

The hate mail has been pouring in.We never knew female Olympic weightlifters had such strong followings – especially those crazy looking Eastern European chicks. 

Thank God many of them have never seen the Internet and cannot read English.

But the people have spoken. We hate to only pick on the ladies, so the editors decided to compile the “Scariest Olympic Flamers Of The 2008 Games.” 

Now the cheerleader and gay community will bombard our asses. This niche market is always good for several thousand page views. 

In true Olympic spirit, the male and female cheerleaders are treated equal. That means the dude wears a tube top – and freakishly seems to enjoy it.

Then, these guys proceed to shake it (with pom-poms) in unison with other hot Asian chicks.

Shall we head to volleyball where this style of velour jumpsuit hasn’t been seen since The Sopranos pulled the plug.

A perfectly good photo of Asian cheerleaders ruined by this guy doing a tippy toe routine. Somewhere the New England Patriot cheerleaders are wondering what went so wrong.

We simply could have cropped this cowboy out but then you wouldn’t get to enjoy more of the outfit.

Special Mention: Oksana Chusovitina

We know, she’s not a dude, but sneaks onto this list as a guilty pleasure.

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