Media Member Cashing In On Phelps' Autograph?


Faces Photoshopped by auctioneer to protect media members from firings?

That sure looks like a credentialed photographer snagging an autograph from Michael Phelps after his first gold medal victory last week.

Ethics? Nah, this is the Olympics. This is China, where you can get a comped hand job and cover table tennis in a single afternoon.

Screw being ethical. This is a once in a lifetime chance to get a Phelps auto and then hurry it back to the United States where it was immediately thrown onto eBay where it fetched $1,575.

The full report from the seller.

I am selling this Michael Phelps autograph for a friend who just got back to the U.S. from attending the first couple of days of the Olympic Games in China.

This is a genuine collector’s bonus!!!! A Michael Phelps autograph on a complete, untorn souvenir, to the swimming event where he won his first of eight 2008 Summer Olympic Games gold medals in the 400-meter Individual Medley on Saturday, August 10.

Michael Phelps signed only a couple of these tickets in the exit hallway outside of the locker room and away from the swimming venue moments after the medal presentation ceremony for his first Gold Medal. Its the real McCoy.

Now, we have no direct evidence the hawker is working for a reputable media outlet. Maybe the gentleman just carries around multiple cameras and has unfettered access to the athletes.

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