Daily Dump: Croatian Swim Team & Mustache Rides, The Michael Phelps Breakfast, Condoms Not Being Used, Shea Plate Headed To Space & The Gina Carano Of Dogs



Somehow Christie was left off the American Olympic triathlon team

Welcome back from one of the most boring sports weekends of the summer. True, Superman won that pesky 8th gold, but what else was there besides Favre and Sterger gracing the Meadowlands?

Read Mushnick, below, for a great take on how the Jets are not complying with the NFL Code of Conduct. It’s not ok for fans to objectify women, but the team can hire a chick to show off her implants.

Today’s Dump:

The Croat swim team will give ladies free mustache rides [DC Sports Bog]

Reporter tries to eat the Michael Phelps breakfast [Ballhype/YouTube]

11 performances to rival the Phelpsian accomplishment [Angry T]

Lindsay, hottest NBC Olympics reporter? Sure beats Carillo [Uncoached]

Olympians not exactly doing ‘it’; Condoms not being used [Coed]

Track hero withdraws, China shits itself [College OTR]

Jets objectify own women, fail code of conduct, Mushnick raps [NY Post]

Shea home plate headed to space [NY Daily News]

UNC tennis player got a little drunk, crashed into pedestrians [MYNC.com]

The Gina Carano of female dog boxing [Holy Taco]

Trampoline dunking can lead to severe injuries [on205th]

Eva Longoria doesn’t appear to be pregnant anymore [Blog of Hilarity]

How many camels is your girlfriend worth [Bright Black Internet]

The Miss Jolie of the porn industry [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

A hot chick for all of our Jew friends [CelebSlam]

Brazilian Marina has a famous father [CamelTap]

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