6 Idiots Not Welcome At NFL Games This Season

As seen during last night’s Seahawks-Bears pre-season game. [Credit]

Welcome to the new NFL under the watchful eye of Emperor Goodell. Earlier this summer, the Rog announced all teams will be responsible for babysitting fans. And when the dictator speaks, he means it.

Gone are the days of Jets’ fan showing his appreciation for the opposite sex. Colts’ fan won’t have ice thrown his way while wearing the wrong logo in Nashville. On the West Coast, no longer will Oakland Raider fan be allowed to stab Chargers guy.

It’s over, folks, and the first signs of the changes are here.

Last night Saturday in Seattle a photog caught these images of the new policy. If you attend a NFL game this year be prepared to be inundated with reminders of the new rules.

To prepare you for the new rules, please read our “This Will Not Be Allowed Inside A NFL Stadium This Season,” guide.

#1. F-bomb T-Shirts: Not allowed

#2. Inappropriate Signage: Don’t even think about it

#3. Throwing Objects Onto Field: Sam Wyche is watching and so are the NFL security types.

#4. Teabagging Your Passed Out Buddy: Automatic ejection.

#5. Showing Your Boobs: One way ticket to the exit.

#6. Taunting The Opponent: Could start a riot. Roger says no, that means no.

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