Douche Incident Might Send Football Player To Jail


Just when we’d heard the last of this story, there is an update on the strangest college football arrest of the summer.

Davin Walker, a former football player at Eastern Kentucky, probably wouldn’t be facing first-degree robbery charges for stealing douche, a cell phone battery charger and feminine spray if he didn’t run from security.

As was covered on this site before, Walker’s big problem earlier this summer came when he tried to avoid police. He ran over a woman whose finger was cut off in her shopping cart.

Now the former wide receiver has been indicted by a grand jury, he’s been booted from the football team and could go to jail for less than $20 in feminine products.

The Richmond Register recaps the freaky incident,

It appeared on the video that Walker lunged straight toward one of the men knocking him down, and then fleeing the scene, Adkins said.

An innocent bystander also was injured in the incident.

“A physical altercation ensued, and a shopping cart overturned, tearing the tip off of a 69-year-old female customer’s thumb,” said Sgt. Willard Reardon, public information officer for the RPD.

Police recovered the douche and the rest of the booty. We’ve yet to hear a status update on the finger tip.

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