Daily Dump: NBC Pimps Out Michael Phelps, Mushnick Goes Off, T.O. Chats About Eva, Shawn Kemp To Italy & Olympic Ladies Get Naked




Our guilty pleasure this Sunday: Yesica 

NBC wasted little time pimping out its Michael Phelps coverage.

It only took one commercial break before an announcer told us that we could get our very own DVD of what it took to become the greatest swimmer in history.

Don’t forget the Visa commercials, says Richard Sandomir.

And then came the Visa ad that congratulated Phelps for his eighth gold medal. I can’t be sure if Morgan Freeman, recently in a serious car accident, was standing by, waiting for the right moment. More likely, Freeman recorded his words weeks ago, in anticipation of the victory.

Thank God this garbage is over. 

Today’s Dump:

Mushnick gets us started with rant against Goodell, code of conduct [NY Post]

T.O. chats with Three 6 Mafia, reveals celebrity crush [The Sports Culture]

Kardashian takes giant ass to Vegas for Pussycat Doll’s event [Vegas Eye]

Plenty of good seats were available last night for USC scrimmage [USCRipsIt]

50 snaps, 1 run call for Pryor at OSU scrimmage [Plain Dealer]

Italian ladies beware! Shawn Kemp is coming to your country [Ball In Europe]

Olympic ceremony ladies got naked for job interview [Machochip]

Degenerate Clevelanders soaking up Olympic coverage [Cleveland.com]

Milwaukee named “Sexiest City” by Marie Claire [Tasty Booze]

Mellie will keep you busy on this day of rest [Gorilla Mask]

Ashley Tisdale also a Dodgers fan [on205th]

Ellen and Portia make it official, the hot one off the market [PopEater]

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