Michael Phelps Medal Count: 6 Golds, 6 Coeds


Michael Phelps Gold Medal Count Update: 6 for 6.

Finally someone has the balls to raise this issue. As NBC’s hero continues to rake, the media has fallen head over heals with this guy like he’s a 5-10 blond looker walking into a dive bar at 1 a.m.

Please let this be real, says Bill Plaschke, in today’s L.A. Times.

Phelps inspired art is starting to pop up [photo credit]

Please, if Phelps can win his races on Saturday and Sunday to win eight gold medals and complete the greatest single Olympics performance in history, let that be the end of it.

No flunked drug tests. No flunked swimsuit tests. No tell-all books about clandestine doctors and cheating coaches.

America won’t be able to stomach it. Swimming won’t be able to survive it.

Yeah, like everything else at the Olympics, we are supposed to believe that everything is on the straight.

NBC spends billions on the Games and wants a show. It needed a star to emblazon across TV screens. The peacock got it’s wish.

But like Bill says, please let it be legitimate.

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