Daily Dump: Arizona State Shocker, Arod Gives It Up To Madonna, Unfortunate Moments In Boners & Bono’s Daughter Almost Legal



Moni Doll is so proud of her doctor’s implant skills

Any of you sick of Phelps mom being plastered across NBC coverage?

Last night we caught breaking news that Cris Collinsworth was hanging with her for a feature. The gushing is slightly ridiculous.

Good news in Boston. Your savior, Paul Byrd, is on his way.

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Today’s Dump:

Arod gives it ($) up to Madonna’s charity [Machochip]

Throwing down the shocker sign at Arizona St. [Gibbs12]

Olympic weightlifter goes Joe Theismann with right arm [Lion In Oil]

How to create super Olympic babies [Angry T]

Only cute Olympic singer kids allowed at opening ceremonies [Brahsome]

Also missing in action, actual fans in the seats [Washington Post]

Steinberg finds the China Daily newspaper amusing [DC Sports Bog]

Chinese newspaper medal count a little fishy [Meaningful Collateral]

20 best all-time gymnastics falls [Liquid Generation]

Big news in Detroit: Willis promoted to Toledo [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

5 Unfortunate Moments In Boners [Banned In Hollywood]

Greatest college pranks ever devised [Coed]

Giant inflatable poo destroys Swiss town [Blog of Hilarity]

Douchebag overtakes dumbass on Google Trends [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail:

In less than a year Bono’s daughter will be legal [Flatusyahu]

Check out the rack on Holly! Work of art! [Gorilla Mask]

Summer Altice hasn’t lost a step in her older years [CelebSlam]

Jeanene Fox has nice stems, takes decent photos [Camel Tap]

Miranda Kerr has no problem going without a bra [on205th]

You cannot coach Miss Universe [Uncoached]

Bikini galleries that will waste company time [Bright Black Internet]

High class ass via MySpace [Phil Knows Best]

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