Erin Andrews Story Still Has Legs, Nadel Has Letters


The night when Erin Andrews changed the world of baseball reporting. [Credit]

Mike Nadel is back.

He promises .

He wrote about it. The rest is history.

Today, instead of going off on EA, he let the readers letters out of the bag, and at least one MLB broadcaster had something nice to say.

MLB team play-by-play man: I saw Erin in action a few times last year, hugging players in the clubhouse and dressing inappropriately for a baseball game. ESPN is the monster here. They should tell her to cool those antics in the players’ workplace. They won’t because, frankly, they love the free publicity.

Hmm. Would that be a Fox Sports guy?

ESPN is the monster? Execs must have put a robotic chip in her head. It tells her to give out hugs, arm rubs and put extra moisturizer on the tan legs.

In conclusion, Erin Andrews is the devil to baseball. She should be banned, like Pete Rose, and made to work Entertainment Tonight. Miserable men want more Buster Olney and less T&A.


The Baldest Truth [Mike Nadel Blog]

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