7 Scariest Women At The 2008 Olympic Games


Kazak Irina Nekrassova will crush you after mispronouncing her name

Update: The Scariest Olympic Flamers Of The 2008 Olympic Games has now been published and sure to be another classic.
No shocker here, folks.
The “7 Scariest Women at the 2008 Beijing Olympics” are weightlifters who could clean and jerk your ass right off the floor in one fell swoop.
Lately we’ve seen plenty of news on Bia and Branca, but what about the ladies who are supreme athletes but have a little trouble on the femininity side.
So sit back and take a better look at weightlifters who you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley or under your sheets.

Carissa Gump: USA
The pipes will break you.

Davydova Natalya: Ukraine
Her country of origin should be enough to scare you. And she lifts weights.

Hanna Batsiushka: Belarus
Known for their beards, these ladies should be avoided unless you want trouble with ‘the family.’

Yuliya Dovhal: Ukraine
We love the hair. It says “pull it and call me Yuliya.”

Olha Korobka: Ukraine
Do you sense a theme with women from Ukraine. The chick holds the European Snatch record. Enough said.

Cheryl Haworth: USA
This is our gold medal threat in Beijing. Ms. Haworth can run forty yards in 5.5 seconds and jump a 30-inch vertical. Stud.

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