Sports Blogs Care More About Erin Andrews’ Legs Than Skip Caray Death, Implies Palm Beach Scribe

EA promises another dress tonight in Arlington. Don’t miss it. Mike Nadel won’t.

Yes, we are going to because the print media won’t leave it alone.

Thanks for asking.

Today marks the one-week anniversary of Mike Nadel making a name for himself via his rant against Erin Andrews. And blogs are the pricks in this whole ordeal, says Charles Elmore in today’s Palm Beach Post.

Braves announcer Skip Caray dies, and the nation’s blogosphere is consumed with a column written about the dress ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was wearing in the Cubs’ clubhouse last week.

Sad and ridiculous? Absolutely.

Yes, Charles, we are consumed by this story and the dress.

See, some of us live in cities where women rarely wear such a piece of clothing and since we aren’t gay, it looks damn good.

You will never see this blog rip on Erin Andrews for her clothing. The belts? Maybe.

But dresses like she wore in Milwaukee? Are you kidding? We look at Victoria’s Secret catalogs cover to cover. We live for stories like this.

May we suggest the peckerheads in print media give it up. Your boy Nadel started this shit. Now you are blaming us for running with it? Sorry, brah. We’re just giving our readers what they want to read.