5 Questions: Shay Needs 800 H.P., Won’t Get Naked For Playboy And Wants To Party With Brody Jenner


If only she was looking for older, white, pudgy blogger types

The 5 Questions World Tour continues with Shay, Miss August at Party Cove USA.

She won’t get naked for Playboy, wants to party with dorks and keeps company with invalid old farts at a nursing home.

Name: Shay
Age: 22
Height: 5’7″ Weight 110
School? Yes going for my ASN (RN) at the University of Southern IN
Current Job: I work at a nursing home as a CNA
Hobbies? Modeling (maybe someday to take to the next level! ), reading novels, being with family.

1.) We’re intrigued that you work at a nursing home. Any old men still have game? What’s the best pickup line you’ve heard in the ‘home?’

There is one man that tells me everyday I’m his favorite, and I have nice teeth. Then he asks if I will marry him! I always tell him I’m a little busy today but there is always tomorrow!


2.) Most models we’ve chatted with know the party scene pretty well. Would you please provide us with a classic party story involving yourself?

Ed. Note: Shay actually declined to reveal her classic story.


3.) You model for Party Cove USA, a company dedicated to the boating scene. How much horsepower must a man have under the hood to get your interest?

I think at least 800hp is enough to get started! I like to go fast!!


4.) 5 guys you’d like to boat/ party on a lake with? Why these dorks?

They would be my closest guy friends because they would be the most fun!! If I had to pick celebrities to party with it would be Jesse Metcalfe, Orlando Bloom, Brody Jenner, Daniel Goddard, and Christian Bale. They are all very nice to look at!!


5.) Playboy offers you a chance to take your career to the next level. Are you getting naked for Hef’s magazine? If not, please give us a legitimate reason.

I personally wouldn’t be a part in the magazine. I’m not one to share my goods with anyone that wants to pick up the magazine!