Would You Trust This Guy To QB Your Team?

Only in Chicago could this guy still be in a quarterback battle.

With Rex Grossman.

And fans in the Windy City actually put up with it. In yesterday’s Chicago Sun-Times, the newspaper had the audacity to write that neckbeard “is clearly the fan favorite mainly because he’s not Grossman.”

It’s hard to figure out who should be more insulted.

One guy has trouble working his hands on another dude’s ass and the other knucklehead has a solid day if he goes 10-for-23 with 0 INTs.

Orton said he’s playing the best football of his life and feels himself getting better. He’s not sure what impression fans have of him but promises he’s going to improve.

We must say that it has been some time since Orton has showed up with a beer or whiskey bottle. Maybe he really is trying to get better at football.

Let’s hope that isn’t the case. We’re here for the trashed Kyle Orton.