Prince Fielder, Manny Parra In Fight-Tastic Tussle

Now that was fun. Prince hasn’t been eating meat lately but that doesn’t mean his diet can’t include a piece of Manny Parra.

The Brewers are in a dogfight to make the playoffs and Prince didn’t like Parra’s little whine-fest after being pulled for a pinch hitter.

Looks like the Brew Crew have an enforcer.

While this video is still available on the Internet (it’ll be pulled soon) we can update our “Top Teammate Fight Videos Still On The Internet!” list.

Teammate Love: Who can forget the legendary Steve Smith breaking a guy’s nose picture video? Just days old and already a classic.

Kicking A Teammate When He’s Down: Going back to the Michael Vick training camp days we found this decent brawl between boyz. Stick with this one until the 1:00 mark when you’ll see a guy get kicked by his bro’.

Hockey Training Camp Broken Nose: Keith Primeau breaks a guy’s nose and it’s at practice. Steve Smith would like to meet up on Facebook.

Youth Hockey Teammates Tangle: This cool thing here is that these boys go at it during an actual game. On the ice. A classic teammate fight moment.

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