Daily Dump: Busted Coverage Is Back From D.C., Brian Bowles Remains Undefeated, Giambi Shaves Stache And Nereida Still Naked


Little does Wendy know we specialize in applying lotion

We’re finally back from the D.C. trip.

Um, it was fun. Great people, bars, food and the Nats stadium is one huge party at the center field bars.

But the one big issue of the trip was courtesy of our buddy 6 foot 7. A very nice looker (who teaches pole dancing) and 6-7 were having a conversation when she finally asked how old he thought she was.

Half drunk, his response was 31 or 32. Wrong answer dude.

Of course Busted Coverage, well trained in this type of female mind game, guessed 27 and was correct. She wasn’t impressed by 6-7’s insult.

Sports went on without us. There was a football game, Brett Favre took a shit (ESPN broke into programming) and Skip Caray passed.

Today’s Dump:

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