Bob Stoops Won’t Stand For His Players Putting Meat On Female Grills, Kicks Jarboe Off Team go away for a three-day vacation and all hell breaks loose in the world of sports/entertainment.

Last Thursday we brought you the above video of now former Oklahoma wide receiver Josh Jarboe telling women how he’d like to put his meat on their grills.

He also threw down about guns, violence and other ramblings.

On Friday, Bob Stoops kicked Jarboe off the team.

Of course the University of Texas student newspaper finds a double standard in this dismissal.

Take the case of DeMarcus Granger. The junior defensive tackle was sent home before Oklahoma’s bowl game last season after being arrested for shoplifting. But he was simply sent home, not kicked off the team. Despite being suspended for some games, Granger is expected to be a part of the football team this fall.

Last time I checked, shoplifting was illegal and making a rap video wasn’t. Also, last time I checked, there was an amendment for freedom of speech. If Jarboe’s first gun arrest was that big of a deal, Oklahoma should have cut him then and there instead of having him go up to Norman.

This dismissal really angers the staff of Busted Coverage.

We could hardly wait for Jarboe to go off on gays, Kobe tasting his ass and Texas fans.

Best case scenario he lands in Miami and becomes the next great thug to go through the Hurricanes’ program.