5 Questions: The Dong Bong Inventor Says NBA Baller Owns Phallic Beer Toy, NFL Cheerleaders Like It Too



Ever since the photo of the we’ve been intrigued by the guy who comes up with this invention.

After some simple research we came across Lucas Murdock, the guy behind SexyBeerBongs.com.

And he had some great tidbits relating to the sports world, the Dong Bong and a NBA baller he won’t name who owns the penis beer bong.

Trust us, we are going to do everything in our power to reveal that name.

We’re proud to waste your company’s time today with “5 Questions With The Inventor Of The Dong Bong.”


1.) Please tell us where the inspiration for attaching a phallic symbol to a bong hose came from. Some sick gay experience?

I wish it was that good and/or creepy!  The short answer…we used to MC a surf contest in San Diego for about 10 years.  Each year we would develop games and props to keep the spectators entertained (side shows of sorts).  One year my shopping list led me to buy materials for a beer bong and my next stop was to the local sex shop to buy bulk lube.

The inspiration “slapped me across the face” and the response on the beach was unbelievable.  We made some prototypes, launched at the AVN show a.k.a. the “Porn Convention” in Las Vegas and now we’re just trying to spread the love, put a smile (and perhaps some foam) on peoples faces!  Don’t forget, there’s also The Boob Tube if you prefer boobs over dongs! Both are available at www.SexyBeerBongs.com



2.) What are the reactions of women when you whip out the Dong Bong at parties?

In order:  fear, then excitement, then nervousness, then titillation, then accomplishment, then exuberance!



3.) Do you have an African American version of the Dong Bong? If not, can we expect one?

We tried to make them look like a tan white dude/light skinned black guy/asian/hispanic/mix etc.  I think our color requests got lost in translation, so if they continue to do well, we’ll definitely look into expanding to different colors and perhaps even signature models!



4.) Any celebrities we should know about that have experienced the Dong Bong girth? Stories please.

Hell yeah!  We’ve got porn stars like Sunny Lane and Samantha Sin.  We’ve got NFL cheerleaders (I won’t say which team, cause I don’t want to get anyone in trouble).  There’s even a picture of Ron Jeremy passed out with the Dong Bong poking him in the face.  There’s an NBA player that has The Dong Bong and The Boob Tube at every one of his pool parties but doesn’t want to end up getting slack like Matt Lienert so no photos!



5.) Please tell us about a some of the better Dong Bongers. Any Olympians we should be aware of who have handled the Dong with grace and speed?

Hands down the fastest we’ve seen is Lou from a company called New Beginnings!  If you think your fast, send us a YouTube clip with your time and we’ll post it on our site.  Speaking of Olympians there’s a rumor that The Dong Bong and The Boob Tube made an appearance at the “Flying Tomato’s” brother’s bachelor party so hopefully someone has some photos.

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