Lunchtime Lust: Erica Nemeth Massive Photo Gallery
Erica Nemeth – See more hot womenIt’s back after a two-week hiatus.

We’ve teamed with the folks at Chickipedia to bring you a great way to spend your lunch hour. This waste of time is called “Lunchtime Lust” and will feature a hot chick each day at noon EST.

From The Erica Nemeth File:

Age: +30

From: Louisville, Kentucky

Known For: Erica is a fitness model with enormous implants

Why You Should Waste Your Time: 93 photos of Ms. Nemeth

Today’s post was a tossup between Erica and Adriana Lima. Of course we went with the underdog. Ms. Lima gets all the press. Our editors decided to go with the American chick with the huge implants. It was just a gut feeling.

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