LSU Robbed In Priceton Review Party School Listing

The infamous “Saban Is A Douche” chick from last fall

When news came out yesterday that the geeks at Princeton released their Top Party School list we nearly choked on our breakfast burrito.

LSU was not included. Not even a special mention.

And that, friends, is a great tragedy to this fine institution.

We’ve profiled this school over the last 8-9 months so you can consider us to be experts in this industry. LSU is in the Top 5. No questions asked.

May we present to you “Multiple Reasons Why LSU Is A Top 5 Party School.”

The Kids: LSU parents get their offspring ready for life early on the Bayou. Toddlers learn to throw down shocker signs and party at BCS bashes (see below) after defeating Ohio State.

The Ladies: This isn’t the University of Florida, but LSU can hold its own with any other SEC school. The best part about the Southern Belles on the Bayou is their ability to throw together some spicy Cajun grub to go with that cold beer.


The Athletes: Ryan Perrilloux is gone but the torch of partying has been passed to other athletes. Take, for instance, the club rugby team at is end of season banquet. . Princeton obviously didn’t take this into account.


The Tailgating: This is what legends are made of.

The Alumni: We love this LSU fan.

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