Daily Dump: Boo? F@$K You! Shirt At Yankee Stadium, FanHouse Debuts Slutty Programming, Emmitt Returns, Mustache Rides & Marcele


Doesn’t seem the workout program has had any effect. More Kardashian.

The news hit like a 270-pound linebacker kicking us in the nuts.

Oh Dear God, Brett Favre is returning. Was Mort stroking himself when he phoned it in to his boys at ESPN? Did Greta get any sleep the night before the big news? Will Aaron Rodgers start cutting himself in anger?

Will Favre ruin training camp? Will Madden choke on a turkey leg if Favre actually returns?

Can we all just talk about Tony and T.O.? Somebody better start answering some of these questions. NOW!

Sorry about today’s weak Dump. Don’t blame us. We tell them to send us links and this is what you get.

Today’s Dump:

Boo? F#$K You! shirts make way to Yankee Stadium [700 Level]

FanHouse collapsing? Mottram says it’s happening [Mister Irrelevant]

A female blogger’s view on FanHouse debacle [Playing The Field]

Emmitt Smith is back, still talking nonsense on ESPN [The Sporting Blog]

Quite possibly the best investigation we’ve seen; 6 degrees of Jeter [World of Issac]

Quite possibly the best horse racing call of the year [Meaningful Collateral]

Free mustache rides for all at this minor league baseball game [Friends of the Program]

In Brooklyn it is cool to play in Wiimbleton championship [YouTube]

Speaking of peckerheads, William Hung living the life [Next Round]

All incoming freshmen are encouraged to bring these to school [College OTR]

Speaking of beer bongs, they’ve gone mainstream into newspapers [Tasty Booze]

8 people who will ruin your kegger [Holy Taco]

Bruce Willis and girlfriend check out the porn section [Flatusyahu]

Today’s Tail:

The Emerging Hotties of 2008 – Updated! [Coed]

You’ll enjoy looking at Marcele [Camel Tap]

Even better: Ashley barely wearing anything [Gorilla Mask]

Heidi Montag just out on town in short shorts [Drunken Stepfather]

Hayden grossed out by Comic Con fans [on205th]

Amy Lynn is your Playboy YouTube search winner [Uncoached]

This 10-pack should hold your interest [Bright Black Internet]

Perfect! Luciana doesn’t speak English [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Cuff ‘Em: College Football DUI Stat Sheets Rise, New Mexico State Coach Makes Fun Of Victim And A UVA Larceny Scandal