NFL Cheerleader Training Camps: Cowboys, 49ers


Our extensive, continuing, heads to Dallas and San Francisco today to check in with the respective teams to see how the ladies are handling the rigors of two-a-days.

In ‘Frisco we found the girls in full gear, signing autographs and perfectly holding that “on-camera smile.” The outfits look perfect this season. Thanks to whomever is responsible.


Moving on, in Dallas the fans are pumped for the arrival of Jessica Simpson, while BC is excited to get its first look at this year’s version of the Cowboys’ cheerleaders.

The ladies look like they may need to get into game shape but that shouldn’t be a problem with a full schedule of shaking it and autograph signing before the season starts. For some reason the cheerleaders took to a trailer stage-like thing to shake it at Cowboys camp.

May we suggest a more proper venue like a dark lit club, with A.C., where only men are allowed. No wives or girlfriends.


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