5 Questions: WEC Fighter Brian Bowles Talks Face Bombs, Scoring With Ring Girls & If Chicks Dig Stitches



Bowles (5-0), left, fights this Sunday on Versus 

Usually with 5 Questions we like to chat with .

You know the type. At the bar, the chick who is way out of your league, tan, well built. Not aware she’s dating some ‘roided up monster you trudge over to her table and start small talk. Boyfriend comes back from the bathroom, finds you chatting with his trophy.

The last thing you remember is boyfriend planting your forehead into the plywood bar table. Your hospital visit includes 10 stitches and shame at work the next day.

So today we figured, “Why not talk to a guy who would kick your ass in such an incident.” Say hello to Brian Bowles, a WEC fighter who puts his perfect 5-0 record on the line this Sunday on Versus (9 p.m. EST). Be sure to watch and say you “knew Brian when.”

1.) What is the best description you can give for how it feels when you get drilled square by a solid MMA punch.

It pisses me off and all I want to do is smash him.  I’m looking for the knockout.

2.) Is it true chicks dig a fighter who comes out of the cage with a win and several stitches to stop bleeding?

Don’t know, I’ve never had stiches. But I do know that chicks dig winners and I’m undefeated at 5-0.

If so, would you mind knocking the shit out of us?

Sure, I’d love to.

3.) In your opinion, biggest badass in MMA right now?

Anderson Silva



4.) Ever been so pissed in a fight that you just want to drop a knee bomb on a guy’s nuts while in full guard? If not, don’t give us that respect bullshit.

I try not to get too pissed.  I’m looking to drop bombs on his face.

5.) Those ring girls are pretty hot. Ever score one at the after-fight party?

I get to hang out and party with lots of hot girls, ring girls, Bacardi girls, Partycoveusa.com girls, ect.  But I have not had the chance to score with any of them yet.