Look! Detroit Actually Tearing Down Tiger Stadium

Todd Jones struck out Carlos Beltran for the last out at Tiger Stadium

After nearly 10 years of dormancy at Tiger Stadium (except for a Snoop Bowl during Super Bowl festivities) the wrecking ball is finally bringing an end to generations of memories at Michigan and Trumbull.

The time has come for Tiger fans to face the inevitability that the old park will be nothing more than a flat surface, likely a parking lot, in this rough (aren’t they all nowdays) part of the Motor City.

Eerily a flag still flies on the flag pole that was in play at Tiger Stadium

BC had the pleasure of attending several games here in the late 1990s and we can report that this place was legendary. The aged steel, trough pissers, grimy corridors, cheap tickets and the ability to hear the umpire call balls and strikes you were so close to the action.

Upper deck seats behind home plate were some of the best in baseball.

The legendary center field bleachers where drunks congregated for cheep beer and dogs

But it was time for this relic to come down. Prosperous cities don’t allow hulking stadium structures to stand empty for all these years. In Detroit, its just another derelict building but one with so many great memories.