Minor League Baseball Is Fighty, Trash Talk-Tastic

While all the talk this morning is about the Dayton Dragons and Peoria Chiefs monster brawl our editors are busily seeking videos not seen on ESPN.

Luckily for you we found a just uploaded profanity laced tirade directed towards a Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankee from what we assume to be a Phillies fan at a Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs game.

From the videographer:

i was at the iron pigs vs. swb yankees game and a fight started with a guy who spilt beer on the yankees pitcher.(bullpen)

Iron Pigs fan impressed us with a wide variety of f-bomb usage towards #70, pitcher Scott Patterson.

“I’ve got the beef with the f$#king bigmouth who called my kid a fu$%ing f$%got.”

Again, we’ve said it before and will continue to preach it. These damn gas prices are driving people over the edge.

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