Implant Madness: Hawaiian Tropic Chicks In 3D

You spend $5k on new boobs. True, they look good to your husband.

He tells you how beautiful those puppies are. But you want more.

There is a burning desire to show off the mammaries to mullet-sporting, hard drinking Harley types. What are your options? Pick a weekend, pick a Hooters or Harley dealership and enter a bikini contest.

We’ll be here throughout the summer to chronicle the adventures with our Monday feature, “Implant Madness: The Weekend Bikini Recap.”

Two Implant Madness posts in one week? Sorry to saturate the market.

But after finding these photos from a Hawaiian Tropic contest this week at Vito’s Dockhouse in Webster, Texas it was impossible to pass up. By Monday half a dozen other bloggers would have posted these and we’d be pissed.

The question here is why bikini models in 3D? While we search for an answer you can enjoy the show.

The bronzer supply in Webster, Texas is at an all-time low 


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