U.S. Army Pricks Deny Caleb Campbell NFL Dream

U.S. Army gets free, feel good, advertising at the NFL Draft. [Credit]

How much would it have cost the U.S. Army to advertise itself to the NFL viewing public at the Draft?

How much would the U.S. Army have paid to get positive articles into newspapers sports sections across this country?

Shame on the U.S. Army for pulling the rug on Caleb Campbell. Shame on the policy makers who used this guy.

We don’t want to make a habit of straying from chicks, booze and stupid football tidbits but this news of Campbell being told, as NFL camps open, that his ass is going to Iraq rubs us wrong.

Sorry, brah, you owe us service even though we made our money back in advertising

They let Campbell work his ass off to prepare for camp and then tell him its all over. Pricks.

Then we get these idiots saying the government spent a shitload of money on the guy’s education. And how much did the Army save by using Caleb as an advertising tool. $1 million? $1.5? More? We say they saved more than that education cost.

And uber-prick Matt Millen loses his 7th round pick in this mess. Now when the Lions finish 3-13 he’ll have a reason.

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