Playmate Laura Croft Answers Blogger's Questions

Give us the finger when you are ready to go faster. 

We’re suckers for anything Laura Croft related.
You might remember Miss Croft as the (July) who also .
Now we can see her nude and read her ‘amazing’ thoughts in an interview with our friend Dave at Tailgating Ideas.

He does a decent job considering the circumstances. He likely spent weeks staring at her naked body and could barely concentrate as this beautiful women is answering questions.

Tailgating Ideas: I read in your hometown newspaper, The First Coast News, that you said your idea of a romantic night out “would involve tailgating with friends before going to a monster truck rally”. Normally the words “tailgating” and “romance” often don’t collide in the same sentence. Can you expand on that?
Laura Croft: I’m not into what people call romantic things. I think that it’s kind of corny and it embarrasses me!

Not into romantic things? Could have fooled us. That is champagne she is pretending to pound up the guy’s ass. To many guys out there this would not only be considered romantic, some will even pay big dollars for such acts, according to Big Gay Rich.
We think Dave got cold feet and forgot to ask about any celebrity hookups, whether she’s been in the sack with Hef and why the anger with the middle finger.
BC is waiting…
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