Daily Dump: Plenty Of Stupid Olympic News, Larry Johnson Goes Clubbing, Spurs Dancer In Bikini, Sophie Monk Excited & A WAG Off


Our estimate: $23,567 worth of silicone. More pics of Sophie and the twins.

So that trade for CC Sabathia was a good idea for the Brewers. He’s going to look pretty good in a Yankees uniform next season as the team opens the new Stadium. The guy looks like he’s a glazed donut away from exploding, but that arm is golden.

Had enough of the Brett Favre bullshit? We haven’t. How about 6 more hours of coverage per day from the World Wide Leader. He’s going to Tampa…… No….Minnesota….Never get along with Gruden…..Too much of a gunslinger….

We’re even more intrigued with the Bears QB situation. These idiots are fun.

Today’s Dump:

2008 Olympians are already sporting milk mustaches [Coed]

Are you a degenerate gambler? Place coin on the Olympics [Cuzoogle]

Chris Kaman will be in Beijing thanks to great-grandparents [Angry T]

Olympic grandma beats some mugger ass [Steady Burn]

Larry Johnson, Mike Tyson hit the Vegas club scene [Friends of the Program]

The coach in the middle of the Winnipeg cheerleader scandal resigns [Madden Cowboy]

We’ve said it before: Kirk Ferentz has lost control of team [Rumors and Rants]

10 sports rivals unlikely to star in Step Brothers 2 [Gibbs12]

Gossip Girl pisses off parents’ group [Holy Taco]

Kicked in the nuts world record holder hails from States [Tasty Booze]

Today’s Tail:

Just your random San Antonio Spurs dancer in a bikini [Don Chavez]

Working on CSI set dangerous to horny men [Flatusyahu]

Sophie Monk is either cold or excited [Drunken Stepfather]

Janice Dickinson and implants leave dentist office [CelebSlam]

Amber Heard looks respectable in August Maxim [CamelTap]

WAG Off Day 8: Holland vs. USA [on205th]

Top 10 Italian WAGs [Bright Black Internet]

It’s football season: time for does of Jennifer Wolcott [Next Round]