Joakim Noah Probably Picked On In Gainesville


This would be considered a solid summer minus the sweat stains

What a great summer for Joakim Noah.

First he hits the gossip pages for a possible 3-way love triangle with Russian-born Tatiana Golovin (above) and then finds himself arrested in Gainesville for pot.

More Tatiana then you can possibly stand can be found here

Was someone out to get him in Florida? Slam Online asks and Noah doesn’t mince words in a recent interview.

I don’t want to say that people are out to get you, but you’re kind of a target. And especially when you’re in a small town like Gainesville. My love for Gainesville is ridiculous. People have been asking me, Are going to go back to Gainesville? People, especially people from there or Gator fans, of course I’m going to go back. I love that place. You think just because of one little incident I don’t want to go back to Gainesville? Do I think I was picked on or something like that? Probably.

Yeah, he brings a national title to his school and the cops are out to get him. Typical answer from rich, spoiled athlete. The cops picked on me.

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