Frank Beamer Hokies Show Skin For Adoring Ladies


Va. Tech QB Sean Glennon strips at Frank Beamer Women’s Football Clinic [Credit]

If only there was a USC Song Girls Men’s Clinic. We’d faint.

What the hell was going on at the Frank Beamer Women’s Football Clinic over the weekend?

BC has two reports of football players stripping out of their uniforms (down to girdle) to show the different levels of the gear. And this was sanctioned by the university. For $75 per woman.

Yet another Hokie stud takes it off for the fans [Credit]

We’re not kidding on this one.

One blogger even posted her highlights of the program and gave the following snippet:

Being the first to see the new uniforms (which they showed on and off the players – haha) Poor guys!

And woman complain when a guy blows through $50 at the strip club. We don’t want to hear it ladies.

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