Daily Dump: Eagles Cheerleaders Release Calendar, West Ham Punk Gets Choked, Mugshot Greatness, Jordan’s New Chick & Guttenberg Gets Tail




After 8 hours of research we cannot find a flaw with Yolanthe. More pics. 

Tough luck Richard Harden. Sorry about losing that no hitter and the friggin’ game.

It looks like Carson Palmer is going to pay the price for speaking out against the Buckeyes. ESPN will make sure of it.

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Today’s Dump:

Philly Eagles cheerleaders make our day, release calendar [on205th]

West Ham punk gets a taste of American security [Fan IQ/100% Injury Rate]

Sweet mugshot! Former WWE wrestler gets beaten [Ballhype]

Why Erin Andrews is not that hot; Blasphemy! [Redshirt Senor]

Jordan’s new chick seems to get around the dating scene [Gibbs12]

It’s not quite an intern scandal but the President seems to be in love [The Sports Point]

Chinese love their polluted algae, Olympians not so much [Machochip]

Famous Chicago journalist Jerome Holtzman has died [Rumors and Rants]

Unicyle football could be huge in this fatass nation [AfroJacks]

Grandpa nearly destroys this beer pong table [Don Chavez]

81 GIFS that are still cool 10 years later [Holy Taco]

Shocker! Steve Guttenberg has bagged over 600? [CelebSlam]

Worst drinking game. Ever. NSFW [Tasty Booze]

Today’s Tail:

Yesterday’s Daily Snapshot will keep you busy today [Coed]

Latina Gigi is 100% firecracker [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Fergie’s ass in disgusting shorts that make us sick [Drunken Stepfather]

German TV presenter Tina poses for FHM [CamelTap]

We would do many dirty things with Nikolina [Gorilla Mask]

Cindy Taylor still making money via bikini and runways [Celebridiot]

Miss Universe does yet another photo shoot with crown [Cuzoogle]

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