2008 Laker Girl Hopefuls Shake It To Join Team


You just knew the 2008 Laker Girl auditions would bring out all types who dream of shaking it for Kobe, Phil and Sasha.

There were all sorts of breeds on hand yesterday in El Segundo as the infamous team allowed dreamers wearing leotards and sports bras to show their stuff.

Suck it up. This is your chance to shake it for Jack Nicholson.

Our extensive research shows that even women (moms?, above) who look like they should be sipping cocktails at the country club wasted a Saturday to see if they still had ‘it.’

The dreamers were sent packing and the 20-somethings proved that the right package for this team is blonde, 22, 36 (full) C and sporting a 6 pack.

*We’re only providing you with 6 photos. CBS2 has the entire 70 picture set to keep you busy while Greg Norman blows the British Open.

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