Iowa Football Recruit Takes Off Clothes Before Chase


BC must hand it to the Iowa Hawkeyes program and 19-year-old freshman to be Riley Reiff.

The South Dakota native became arrest #18 (this morning) over a stretch that has found coach Kirk Ferentz barely hanging onto his job.

Reiff wasn’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill arrest by Iowa City police. The intoxicated defensive lineman started to take off clothes in an alley before leading police on a foot chase.

The Iowa City Gazette has the full details:

Reiff, 19, was fined $562 just hours after he was arrested following a drunken chase in downtown Iowa City. Reiff was observed as disoriented and taking off his clothes in an alley in the 100 block of Iowa Avenue. After police tried to talk with him, Reiff ran into the Pita Pit’s kitchen and knocked several trays on the floor, according to police.

We remember these days. Not the ones where police were chasing us through random late-night diners. Those were a blur.

Reiff should be proud of becoming a legendary football player before playing a down. Way to go, kid.

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