Daily Dump: Latest Affliction News, Shea Stadium Dancing, Ashley Harkleroad Nudes & Jennifer Garner Buttertoe




Nina, unlike Ashley, has no use for Photoshop. More photos (minor NSFW). 

Lets see, it’s going to be 90+, humid, rainy, sticky.

Our plan is to catch some golf, maybe a little baseball and finally take a closer look at those Harkleroad Playboy photos. 

Check back later as we analyze the Photoshopping of Ashley and . 

Today’s Dump:

The latest news from tonight’s scheduled Affliction [CagePotato]

10 things better for golfers than playing in British Open [World of Issac]

Canadian football players don’t mind pics of Bomber cheerleaders [Don Chavez]

EA more than a 5-10 blond reporter [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Archie talks about Tebow and winning Heisman twice [Heisman Pundit]

Shea Stadium embarrassed yet again by horrible dancing [Uncoached]

New Adidas logo a little Nazi-ish? [Machochip]

We’re not sure Laila Ali is hot, but she’s on this list [Boosh]

Brady Quinn won’t think this is very funny [Blog of Hilarity]

Today’s Tail: 

Ashley Harkleroad (NSFW!) Playboy photos [on205th]

Audrina Patridge sucking on a straw in a bikini [Drunken Stepfather]

Her name is Smirnoff and she’s smoking in red dress [Celebridiot]

Jennifer Garner is a Buttertoe [Holy Taco]

Hot and rainy where you are today? Stay inside and keep busy [Coed]

Rosario Dawson, uh, has huge boobs [CelebSlam]

Christina Aguilera and her ever increasing boobs [Banned In Hollywood]

Speaking of huge boobs, check out these monsters [Flatusyahu]

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