ESPN Titletown Draws Several Dozen Buckeye Fans


We’re going to start a fight on here today.

It looks like Michigan (and its United Nations of Dorks) drew more people to its Titletown taping than Thee Ohio State University.

Buck fans will cry about the 10:30 kickoff, but that is no excuse, folks. True, if Erin Andrews was in town instead of Wendi Nix it might have been a different story.


Wendi can barely contain her enthusiasm to be in Columbus 

Still, you have the nation’s largest alumni association, the highest enrollment of any university and it didn’t matter.

Michigan kicked your ass.

Not even a Jim Tressel book signing could get the lazy, unemployed Columbus crowd out of bed to show support for their school.  Throw Jen Maul in a bikini and put her on that stage and shit would hit the fan.



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