Daily Dump: ESPY Talent On Display, Huge WAG Link Dump, Kardashian’s Giant Ass News And Claire Danes Holding Together



She made us renew our Hungarian FHM subscription. More photos.

The ESPYs were held last night – if you care.

It was a great chance for athletes to praise each other for surviving another year on the $33.75 million contract and an excellent  opportunity to check out the latest talent on the sports scene. 

Otherwise, it was the worst sports day of the year.

Today’s Dump:

A new list of athletes who don’t deserve their WAGs [Guanabee]

This is Michael Jordan’s latest WAG [Machochip]

WAG Off Day 4: Oksana vs. Jennifer [on205th]

Speaking of giant ass WAG, Reggie wants Kim working out [NFL Juice]

Doughboy Goodell wants less gang sings in the NFL [Friends of the Program]

He’s a punk, not a gang member; HHR talks with Scott Radinsky [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Blogger does sports V-Cast from his couch, talks Josh Hamilton [The Meaningful Collateral]

Speaking of rednecks, how about the All-Redneck team [Angry T]

2008 Superhero All-Star Team finds The Thing batting cleanup [Brahsome]

5 other worst days in history that trump Uggla’s all-star performance [Rumors and Rants]

Andy Dick seems to have fallen off the wagon (mug shot greatness) [Holy Taco]

Shocker! Barenaked Ladies singer caught with coke [CelebSlam]

This loser spent $1k a week on booze [Uncoached]

Today’s Tail: 

Miami Dolphin cheerleader is now famous thanks to Don [Don Chavez]

You could bounce a penny off Amanda Carrier [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

More Megan Fox than you can possibly stand [Coed]

Claire Danes holding together just fine, thank you [Drunken Stepfather]

Some futbol star and his chick on a boat in the ocean [Flatusyahu]

Paris Hilton managed to get her boobs into this outfit [Dirty Rotten W#$re]

Fabiana has qualities that usually lead to modeling [Bastardly]