WSOP Champion To Be Crowned In November

Early video of this year’s version of the Hellmuth meltdown

In what can only be described as one of the strangest decisions in ‘sports’ history, the World Series of Poker won’t determine its champion until a two-day final table in November – 117 days from today.

The final table of 9 was determined this week but those players will have to wait until ESPN finishes running 4 months of programming before playing a final table.

Can you say buzzkill? And not a single player (to be) at that final table is a household name.

That run of good luck you went on to get to the final table? You better recapture it.

The Las Vegas Sun asks a very good question:

One-hundred-and-seventeen-day publicity push or not, the question of whether poker fans will embrace an anonymous final table speaks to a larger, modern-day classic debate. Do viewers like televised poker because of the game’s strategic nuances or because of the outsize personalities playing it?

At least ESPN will be able to dedicate several months of video to hot chick Tiffany Michelle who made a deep run at this year’s tournament.