Daily Dump: Bailing On All-Star Game, Carano Crushes Yount, CFL Cheerleaders And Jeter's Sister


Our number one reason to visit Norway – soon

Sorry for the late Dump. Drinking every single time McCarver spoke probably wasn’t a good idea. The man never shuts his trap.
No recap of the all-star game needed. It was long, boring and should have been called by the 11th.
Even Brooks (SbB) bailed on the live blog by the 12th.
Now we prepare for the ESPN Jimmy V marathon. Ladies, get your checkbook out. Win Mike and Mike at your house for a day.
Today’s Dump:
Gina Carano crushes Robin Yount’s niece [on205th]
Canadian Football League cheerleaders are really fun [Don Chavez]
One Pittsburgh Pirates post you shouldn’t miss [Modesi’s House]
5 reasons to watch the British Open (without Tiger) [Rumors and Rants]
Blogger’s favorite Billy Packer moment: the fag-out comment [Meaningful Collateral]
Ever see Jeter’s sister? Here she is [Flatusyahu]
Razor-sharp brim hat wearers still exist in MLB [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]
Kordell Stewart and women? This has to be a mistake [NFL Juice]
Nadal now has an asteroid named after him [Machochip]
Indian cricket stars and their WAGs [Blog of Hilarity]
Cubs fan can die in style [Angry T]
10 pickup lines that won’t work on Sarah Silverman [Holy Taco]
Man cannot hold/drink beer for 12 months [Tasty Booze]
Do you dress like a douche? A formula to figure it out [Gibbs12]
Are you paranoid or is someone trying to kill you? [Liquid Generation] 
Today’s Tail:
This chick probably doesn’t need any work in Photoshop [Coed]
Denise Richards goes topless on her stupid show [Drunken Stepfather]
Gisele’s work appears in some magazine called ‘V’ [Celebridiot]
Sofia in Greek version of Esquire will keep you busy [CamelTap]
Suzanne Summers showing a little too much [Brahsome]
Miss Universe: The morning after [Cuzoogle]
Megan Fox to make men very, very happy [Derober]
Laura is smoking hot wearing anything colored black [Uncoached]

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