5 Questions: Party Cove USA & NoiseBot.com Chick Brynn Talks Men, Horsepower, Playboy


You’ve seen her as one of the NoiseBot.com t-shirt girls. She’s in college at the University of Southern Indiana, giving that school one of the nation’s hottest seniors. And she is baring skin in today’s version of 5 Questions.
Life doesn’t get much better than this.
Name: Brynn
Age: 22
School: College Student, University of Sothern Indiana, Senior
Job: Head Bartender at ShowMe’s, (It’s like Hooters but better)
Likes: Modeling and Acting, I have done many photo shoots for clothing companies and catalogs.
All information and photos courtesy of Party Cove USA (visit and say thanks!). They have party photos that will keep you busy after visiting with Brynn.

1. What was the best party on a lake or river you’ve ever been to? What made it special?
Anytime I am on the river it is a good time! Some ice cold beer, a bathing suit, good company, and a nice boat is all you need for the perfect river party!

2. How much horsepower must a man have under the hood to get your interest? Why?
Horsepower is fun for a while, but the interior is what keeps me attracted.

3. 5 guys you’d like to boat/ party on a lake with? And why these dorks?
Johnny Depp- He has a sexy quirkiness about him too!
Matt Damon – He just interests me and he is adorable.
Josh Hartnett – Have you seen him?
Robert Downey Jr. – He is my favorite actor right now and he cracks me up!! I think he knows how to have a great time!
Angelina Jolie…can I say that? I would take her over any of these guys! 😉

4. Playboy comes calling for a photo shoot of chicks who party on lakes. Are your getting naked? If not, why?
Naked? I think you can be extremely sexy without taking off any of your clothes. Umm…Naked? I don’t know if I could….but I would love for Playboy to come calling!

5. Thong or typical bikini? Why?
Typical Bikini for sure! Thongs are little 80’s, don’t you think?

All praise to PartyCove USA.

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