ESPN Rounds Up United Nation Of Dorks At UM

“Michigan fans stun ESPN crew with noise level,” reads the headline in today’s Michigan Daily, the UM student newspaper.
We’re not kidding. ESPN was in Ann Arbor this week and was able to round up what appears to be every grad student who can’t afford to catch a flight home to Chiang Mai for the summer.
The World Wide Leader even dissed UM by making fans settle for lesser known talent Nicole Manske.

“I live in North Carolina,” ESPN personality Nicole Manske said, comparing her Michigan experience to the only other TitleTown segment she’s anchored, Chapel Hill, N.C. “So I’m kind of biased to North Carolina, but this is way cooler. The fans have come out here in full force, which is great, because (this competition) is not just about how many titles a town has one, but also the passion of the fans.”

It’s not about the titles? We figured that is why the execs are calling this segment Titletown.
Maybe we’re just stupid.

Look at that massive crowd. Security better get in that mob. 


Nicole, barely able to concentrate with such hysteria 


Tuan has never laid eyes on such a beautiful business suit 


Producer to robots: Thundersticks in the air! Now! [Credit]

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