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Jerry Rice Chats W/ Schoolgirls @ Tahoe Tourney


Our research team spent all afternoon tracking down leads on where we could see these two strip.

True, you can only see the full frame of one of the lookers, but you can bet your Jerry Rice rookie cards the legend isn’t holding court with a butterface.

We’re not sure why the American Century Classic Championship needed chicks hanging out on the course in schoolgirl outfits. Maybe that is the only way to get fatboy Alfonso Riberio to show up for the tournament.

In other Tahoe news, we’re not sure what Jeremy Roenick was thinking as he allowed a group of excitable white guys snap this shot. And what’s up with the cyclops pose?




Here we see Chuck working on his health and signing autographs. It’s hard to believe this guy used to be able to dunk a basketball.


It’s true. That really is Brett Favre’s replacement wearing those goofy ass glasses and the SoCal outfit. Nice belt.

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