Naked Body Painting Phenomenon Hits NHL, Flyers

Looks like a logo infringement to us

We’re not sure how Philadelphia Flyers center Jeff Carter’s jersey was selected to grace the naked body of this model. It doesn’t really matter.
The most important nugget here, brahs, is that naked body painting has now invaded the sports world and our researchers are frantically seeking painted on an Eastern Bloc model.
In today’s example you will notice some sloppy work, says the professional painter.

“I have not painted any model yet that was not fun to work with. Sometimes the laughter and their energy make for sloppy painting but I think this one turned out okay.”

Looks fine to us and we’re sure Jeff Carter is honored. We used to dabble with chocolate syrup and that Hershey’s strawberry gunk you can buy in the dessert aisle. For some reason our art never turned out like this.
Good work, bearklektor.

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