2008 Olympics Of Hot Female College Athletes: USC

Update! USC Track Star Jennifer Mueller And A Beer Bong

Just a freshman but welcome on the Busted Coverage team

Welcome to the newest feature here at Busted Coverage.
We’re calling it the “2008 Olympics Of Hot College Athletes.”
For the rest of the summer we hope to provide you with chicks who might not be traveling to Beijing but will make you enjoy stupid marginal sports like swimming, track and soccer. These women are always welcome on our team.

Today BC visits the campus of USC where freshman Jennifer Mueller is a track phenom and shows well off the asphalt.
We know that Ms. Mueller is a sprinter from New Jersey and she likes to watch the Food Network.
The ‘SC rumor mill tells us that she is known to whip up great meals. If we were 10 years younger and still working on a degree this chick would be on our radar.

HyperFest 2008 A Drunken, Ass-Kicking Good Time
HyperFest 2008 A Drunken, Ass-Kicking Good Time
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