Forrest Griffin Wins Belt, Plays In WSOP

Less than 24 hours after surviving having his head beat in but taking Rampage Jackson’s UFC belt, Forrest Griffin did the logical and sat down with 10,000 in chips for Day 1D of the World Series of Poker.

Griffin, sporting a developing cauliflower ear, at least had a reason to look like he had a rough night.

Also showing up today in Vegas for the WSOP were Chuck Liddell and Shannon Elizabeth looking hot. It’s too bad she’s resorted to sitting in sweaty, stinking poker rooms instead of getting naked in films. Shannon buck naked and sprawled out on a poker table sounds good to us.

*Update: Griffin and Liddell lasted about 3 hours at the WSOP. Pauly at Tao of Poker, the best poker blog on the Internet has the full coverage. 

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