But They Seemed So Happy…


Look at the biceps on that guy…oh and Arod, yours are nice tooÂ

Reports this morning out of New York have she-man lover and chronic post season disappointer Alex Rodriguez and his  making the inevitable split after 6 years of marital bliss.  This comes on the heels of various reports of ARod traipsing all over New York with pop icon and sometimes British Madonna.  The couple was even photographed together over the weekend…

Mark this whole story down as another chapter in the story of Arod’s unfathomable quest to cut his nose off despite his face.  The guy could be the most important man in baseball history, the guy with all the talent in the world, who would eventually rid baseball of all the Bonds record book blemishes before his career is over.  Instead he is this guy…

with fewer World Series rings and not nearly as fancy a wardrobe.

Bunkie Perkins is one of the diabolical masterminds behind Friends of the Program. He’ll be here all week. Tip your waitress.

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