Happy Belated Canada Day


Hooray Canada!

Yesterday was Canada Day but we are just getting around to celebrating today, which seems kind of appropriate somehow.  Considering we live as far as North Americanly possible from our Canadian neighbors, and taking into account that fact checking is for suckers, we can only assume that Canada Day is the celebration of Wayne Gretzky’s birthday, or an annual moose migration or some such sort.  In honor of such a joyous occassion for those free-health-care-having Canucks, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite moments in Canadian sports history…now with less hockey!

The single most significant moment in Canadian sports history after the jump…

involves men wearing tights…
Suck it Canada.
Bunkie Perkins is one of the diabolical masterminds behind Friends of the Program.  He’ll be here all week.  Tip your waitress.

Just Your Typical Cubs-White Sox Fan Bitch Slap
Just Your Typical Cubs-White Sox Fan Bitch Slap
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