Daily Dump: Even More Euro Soccer WAGs, Million Dollar Mistake, Hottest NFL Cheerleader And Boo Bees




Stephanie McMichael: Never heard of her 

The travels of Busted Coverage continue. Today we go back into the mountains where this damn Internet thing won’t work and it makes us very happy.

Big Gay Rich is back at the office pounding away at the keyboard seeking cool photos of the guy who got his head smacked around this weekend. Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for bringing us some cool traffic from the Windy City.

If you are sending links we’ll do our best to get you in this week. Don’t start bitching and moaning if not. It’s called vacation for a reason. 

Today’s Dump:

The middle finger in sports: a photo essay [Next Round]

High school coach rips Thad Matta [Canton Rep]

A million dollar mistake [Sports Agent Blog]

Just your typical Italian WAG [Flatusyahu]

Just your typical Swedish WAG on the beach [Flatusyahu]

Soccer: The Anti-Porn [Machochip]

Possibly the hottest cheerleader in the NFL [Uncoached]

Suddenly Cindy Margolis is everywhere [on205th]

Most annoying parts of Facebook [Coed]

A refreshing Boo Bee sounds good to us [Holy Taco]

Gossip Girl without her top on beach [Drunken Stepfather]

Stephanie McMichael will get your Monday off to a good start [Tasty Booze]

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